Shannon Burton
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Practice makes perfect, so the saying goes. For many of us, practicing giving and receiving pleasure on our own has multiple long-term benefits for both ourselves and our partners.

Not to mention being a lot of fun, of course.

Masturbation brings up complicated or confusing feelings for some. It can…

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Recently, a client sought me out for an interesting reason:

Their therapist told them to.

A sex specialist, the counselor explained, could better help my client with the guidance they needed.

A sex coach isn’t always the person to turn to when mental health and sexual health intersect. …

When someone has questions or concerns about sex, it’s often hard to know who to turn to for help. Some problems require a doctor or licensed therapist. However, there are many common issues people face that don’t cleanly fall into medical or psychological diagnoses. Some of these include:

  • sexual…

Some of my closest friends are “autosexual”. Their best partner is — drumroll, please — themselves. They get themselves off better than any partner they’ve ever had.

This isn’t to say they don’t enjoy partnered sex. They’ve all been in relationships and relayed stories of some very sexy sexytimes. …

Have you attended a play party before? These sex-positive events are a fun way to meet new people and even engage in new sexual adventures with like-minded people.

With themes ranging from masquerade to game night, and some parties dedicated to BDSM, swinging, or specific kinks, every play party is…

Breakups are hard — there’s no doubt about it. Some people cope by “banging it out” with dating app matches and/or people they’ve wanted to sleep with (but couldn’t while partnered). However, this method doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

For some, it even makes things worse.

For many of us…

“You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that.”

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Negan’s pre-baseball-bat-beating line from The Walking Dead hit different for me during a rewatch this week. Something about the on-screen situation was just too real.

As protests against racial injustice continue, I read and…

Shannon Burton

Writer, educator, and certified sex coach curious about culture, social justice, and human sexuality. Find out more at

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